Cultural association "Make Art" has been producing national and international cultural events and activities since 2006, as well as providing publicity and digital marketing services, team building and corporate event production for companies and organizations.

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Production – from idea to reports, full-scale artistic and technical production of events:
  • festivals, programs and concerts;
  • corporate events;
  • training programs;
  • team building activities;
  • sculptures of ice, sand, fire and light.

  • Communication – from daily publicity to crisis communication management:
  • development and implementation of communication strategy;
  • brand development;
  • management of publicity campaigns;
  • placement of advertisements;
  • experimental marketing activities.

  • Digital marketing - from live webcasts to precisely targeted campaigns:
  • photo and video documentation, computer graphics, video processing;
  • online live broadcasts;
  • building home pages;
  • placing advertising on social networks;
  • consolidated reports, analysis.

  • Watch and get inspired! Put on English or any other language for translation of subtitles. Documentary film "There was a path where I had never walked", 2001, 54 min. The story of the pedagogues of all Latvian children's and youth folklore groups about the strength and importance of the folklore and song festival movement, the losses and gains of the pandemic, sources of inspiration and laughter on the way to Latvian school youth song and dance events #dziediundejo2021. The testimony of the unique era is supplemented with self-expression video fragments of folklore groups of children and youth. Full-scale artistic and technical production. / https://

  • 38th youth folklore festival "Pulkā eimu, pulkā teku" - PEPT Traditional culture and intangible heritage acquisition and inheritance program in Liepāja 20.05.2022. / Client – ​​VISC, association Aprika, full-scale technical production, digital marketing, live internet broadcasts, 800 participants / / /

  • Fire sculpture team building corporate event for 250 participants “Love infection”: /

  • Sand sculpting workshops for Riga Festival 2019 visitors and the central sand sculpture "Is Riga ready?" /

  • The very first Holi Colour Festival in Latvia, August 1, 2015, Riga, Lucavsala. /

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